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Have you ever wondered how to make money with your TV Show, Internet Radio Show, Podcast, Blog and More?

"Craft the Money Making Pitch to Turn Your Passion Into Huge Profits"

Making Money is Important & There Are Plenty of Ways to Get It...

                          The Good News Is......We Will Show You How! 

We've lined up my elite team of mentors that will show you the exact strategies to deliver Successful advertising pitches to turn your Podcast, TV Show, Radio Show, Blog or any creative work into cold hard profits.

       Mentorships can create legendary leaders guiding & pushing us to the next level. 

We’ve worked with Multi-Million Dollar businesses, Forman Mills, TJX Companies, Stellar Awards, just to name a few.

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is led by TV-Exec Shelly Shell Williams and Entertainment Exec Sherri Johnson. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of creative producers, artists, executives, media-prenuers to operate their media business with the skills and know-how required to generate huge profits.

Shelly Shell Williams, Philly's OprahExecutive Producer | Social Media Marketing | Ad Sales Coach

​Hey Fellow MediaPreneurs!

When I started in the TV business I was an unpaid intern but quickly realized that there was money to be made and I wanted to dig deeper. My degree is in Business Administration and in college I learned the power of the termOPMother people's money so I began to apply my business training to television.

I discovered a creative way to sell TV airtime that wasn’t so “salesy. “ With the concept of integrating the clients into the segments of the show I started to secure and execute big budget advertising campaigns. I’ve always had a way to convince others to take appropriate action; this career path honed my powerful negotiating skills. I’ve had over 20 years of hands-on industry experience and learning from coaches and mentors like the late Dorothy E. Brunson (First African American women to own a TV & Radio Station) helped me secure multi-million dollar clients like Forman Mills, Sony Music, Mitsubishi, TJX Companies, FUBU and more.

I quickly worked my way up from unpaid intern to Billboard Award winning Executive Producer and Mediapreneur. I interviewed countless celebrities Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Ice Cube, etc. I am so fortunate to have had many wonderful people pour into me over the years and what better way to pay-it-forward  then by sharing my mentors and helping other Media and Entertainment Entrepreneurs successfully maneuver through the Business of TV/Media and Entertainment.

I’ve learned proven strategies from one of my first mentors, Dorothy E. Brunson, the first African American women to own a Radio and Television Station. My mentors paved the way for me to grow my business with core strategies to attract advertisers and these same strategies will work for you and your business too.

Sherri Y. JohnsonTechnical Writing Specialist | Brand Promotions | Marketing Coach

As an entrepreneur, we have many hats to wear and sometimes you have to wear more than two hats at any one time. It’s important to learn the many hats worn by an entrepreneur. Conveying a concrete message is essential if one desires to convince advertisers/sponsors to invest in your vision.

My passion is to show Entrepreneurs how to reach higher heights professionally through technical writing. I’m Sherri Y. Johnson and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Communications from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and a Master of Arts degree in Professional Communications from LaSalle University.

I am the creative visionary of Supreme Gospel Entertainment and Marketing (SGEM). With over 20 years of experience in promoting national and independent recording artists, movies, authors and national events I have learned the importance of efficiency through technical writing.

Some of the artist projects and events my team and I have worked range from Tamela Mann, Steve Harvey to the Stellar Awards, NBA All-Star Weekend, Essence Music Festival, BET Celebration of Gospel and numerous others. I show my Supreme teammates how to craft engaging content including press releases, bios, sponsorship requests and related business correspondence. My expertise is writing content that makes your brand a business force with which to be reckoned.

Our Business Experts & Mentors - Show You How to:

  •   Find and Attract Sponsors/Advertisers.   Industry professionals that have worked directly with sponsors/advertisers will show you how to potentially build a 6-Figure income for your Brand, give you valuable tips on what advertisers are seeking and how to make your program stand out to get the funding it needs.
  • Craft & Deliver a Perfect Pitch. As entrepreneurs it is important to have the ability to effectively communicate and articulate as a speaker. You must be able to present valuable information and persuade your audience that buying from you or working with you “makes sense.”
  • Maximize and Promote Your Brand on Social Media. Yes, you do need a social media strategy!  Having a social media page without creative content is like a singer going on stage with no song to sing.

But Wait...There's more!!!

  •   The Process of Pitching Your Music Project to radio stations.
       Industry Experts will show you how to promote your music to radio, how to get your song played, and insights into what types of radio stations work best for your music.
  • Generate Multiple Streams of Income for Your Media Outlet.   The average millionaire has 7 different income streams.  You may be asking yourself.  "How do I generate multiple streams of income from my TV/Radio Show?"  Our experts will show you how they created multiple income streams and the ways you can maximize your potential in  each category available to you. 
  •  Learn how to effectively write a sponsorship request.. You will learn the art and power of skillfully crafted words to get your project to its finishing stage.

Meet The Instructors...Your Mentors...

Debra RodyFounder of DL Media Partners

Dynamic Marketing Consultant with expertise in: Digital Marketing - Vendor Negotiations - Customer Retention. Superior Skills in developing and executing promotional activities, marketing plans and sales strategies. Coordinate with all departments and teams to achieve optimal marketing performance for the entire company.

John DuffinNational Sales Manager - Univision Communications, Inc. The #1 Place to Reach Hispanic America.

Seasoned Broadcast Media Professional with 25 years successful Sales and Sales Management Experience. Has generated successful sales results in TV AND Radio. Currently leading the National Revenue efforts for Univision Communications in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Cleveland exceeding core revenue growth.

Dr. Tracy Johnson President of Vessels of Hope

Dr. Tracy Johnson is the Founding President and CEO of Vessels of Hope, a non-profit organization that helps individuals with learning disabilities. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Harcum College and an Enrolment Counselor at Eastern University. She received her Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education from Eastern University in St. Davids, PA and her Doctorate Degree of Ministry Science form the Accelerated School of Christian Ministry International, Inc. Dr. Johnson is currently working on a second Master’s Degree in Special Education at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA.

Rob SchwartzCEO - iFame TV Network, WhoMag Multimedia & Director of Dancin' On Air (Fuse TV)

Rob Schwartz is a self-taught entertainment pioneer. While owning his own TV network “iFame TV” as well as multiple Broadcast TV shows that air worldwide on various platforms, Rob understands what an audience is seeking for. As a multi-award winning director/editor/producer, a inspirational speaker who has spoken from places like NYC to Seoul Korea, a celebrity interviewer with over 2,500 interviews, Rob is extremely diverse and understands how to remain flexible in this industry. As a former Wall Street exec with 10 years experience in Risk Management spent between Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan, Rob understands how to remain solid in this industry.

We’ve spent years building and maintaining these business relationships and this is the first time Shelly Shell Williams has gathered together this extraordinary group of media icons, business executives and entrepreneurs (many considered legends in the media industry) to give you access to her connections.

Do you want to have access to the strategies, major keys and the knowledge that will help you grow your business exponentially?

If Yes, Now This Course is For You - ENTREPRENEUR BOOTCAMP

7- Week Interactive Entrepreneur Boot Camp for Media Professionals Interested in Making Money

The Entrepreneur Boot Camp shows you how to monetize your media platform through an innovative and interactive course that will empower you to operate your business with OPM – Other People’s Money. The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a 7-week course highlighting the free enterprise of TV/Media & Entertainment Industry. The Boot Camp gives you access to hands-on training by top notch business leaders and recognized experts in Public Speaking, Marketing, Writing, TV Sales and TV Producing, showing you how to build and fund your Television Show, Radio, Podcast, Blog/Vlog or You Tube platforms. Industry professionals that have worked directly with sponsors/advertisers will show you how to potentially build a 6-Figure income for your Brand, give you valuable tips on what advertisers are seeking and how to make your program stand out to get the funding it needs. In the final class assignment students will have a chance to Make Their Sales Pitch directly to advertisers.  Students with the Elite Pitch have a chance to receive advertising dollars.

Why You Should You Invest?

  1. Learn from the Elite:  (6 Degrees of Separation)  Be in the right place and the right time if you want to learn from those who can share proven strategies, knowledge and tools to grow your business.  Connect to innovators, change agents and sales & marketing experts that will make your success their priority.
  2. Improve Your Money Situation: Gain more clients with the confidence your receive from the sales, marketing and business strategies that will build momentum and maximize your success to become an even better entrepreneur.
  3. Time to Maximize Your Marketing: Learn new cutting-edge strategies to ramp up your marketing in the digital era and grow your digital presence by leaps and bounds. 

"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest"  Benjamin Franklin




Classes will be held every Monday, 6:30pm -8:30pm with a total of seven (7) class dates. Enrollment is limited and slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.




Thank you for signing up for the Free Masterclass, details will be sent to the email address you provided. Please check your spam or promotions folder for the email if you don’t see it.

The Free Class is a sample of what we will be offering in the 7 week Entrepreneur Bootcamp: The Business of TV/Media & Entertainment. In the meantime, we have more exciting information to share with you about this course designed specifically for TV & Media Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn the ins and outs of getting advertisers/sponsors for their projects.  You will get all this and more!

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Total of Seven (7) Power Classes - Live in Person


Shelly is a committed, hard working business person and community leader. She is innovative and has the confidence to create new ideas for business and community betterment. I would highly recommend her and have a high level of trust in the integrity of her work.

Motivational Strategist, Career-Life Coach, Speaker, Author

"Solve the mystery of social media marketing and make it pay off..."

"Very few people understand that using social media to a business advantage is often more art than science. Person after person, firm after firm will dazzle you with encyclopedias of data... and after all that... no results. Why? because they don't get it. Shelly does get it. That's why she produces... that's why she moves the needle... that's why I'm proud to speak on her behalf. Over several key projects, for a diverse group of clients with target audiences as different as they could possibly be... with Shelly in the role of Social Media Manager they all had one thing in common: results!"

Eric g. Creative Services

I have known and worked with Shelly for over 17 years and find her to be uplifting and resourceful.

I thoroughly enjoy my time working with her as a customer for all of my companies; Streetwear Apparel, Squarebiz Directory & 247 StreetMedia. Shelly, has become a valuable asset to my team of experts when it comes to social media advertising and TV marketing. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. Challenges inspire Shelly Williams, rather than intimidate her. Her knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in social media and TV advertising was a huge advantage to our entire business network. She puts this skillset to work in order to help those not so great in this social media era. Believe me that is us. I know that Shelly Williams was a huge piece of our overall success. Along with her undeniable talent, Shelly has always been an absolute joy to work with.

William Streeter

CEO MBG Business Enterprises

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On Campus - Philadelphia - 5398 Wynnefield Ave, Philadelphia, PA 


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The Digital Course is a replay of the 7 Week Course plus a whole lot more!  

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp: The Business of TV/Media & Entertainment will be available as an audio course to download to your personal computer, laptop, smart phone, or iPad.

When you are on the go, your Digital Library gives you the option to download the course to your favorite device for listening later. After purchasing the course for $347 you will receive the entire 7 – Week Course plus exclusive online bonus. Downloading the audio course is available after 7 week course is completed  (it's a replay/audio notes.)  Pre-Register below for the Digital Course.


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