Mission of X-pressions, Inc.


Projects Produced by X-pressions, Inc

All About the Teens Fashion Show

The All About the Teens fashion show was created in an effort to increase self-esteem in our youth.  The All about the Teens “Dressing for Success and a Healthy Attitude” was produced by the teens of X-pressions, Inc for three consecutive years held at the First District Plaza.

The Fashion Show was sponsored by Pennsylvania Black Caucus and it was free to the public.   The All about the Teens “Dressing for Success and a Healthy Attitude” Was a day of fashion, education, entertainment and empowerment.


Sexual Health Education Project

Latex Wars 1 & 2

Latex Wars is project produced in conjunction with the PA Department of Health, using Television and Music as an Ally in Educating our Youth about Sexual Health.  We’ve found a non-traditional way to reach our youth.  We used a popular song entitled “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama, to catch the attention of the youth and to promote the importance of using condoms.  We also introduced informative facts about sexual health.  Performed by Keith “from up da block” who delivers his brand of comedy, hip-hop parodies.  Keith “fromupda block” has been wowing audiences both onstage and on television for over ten years on Urban X-pressions. 


Generation Change

Talk Show for Teens

“Generation Change: The Talk Show for Teens", similar in format to other nationally known television talk shows, however Generation Change addresses the hard-hitting issues that really affect our teens.  “Generation Change” is produced with the assistance of local teens.  Designed and created with teens in mind, the show covers topics and issues that are directly related to them. The topics of  “Generation Change“ range from entertaining to serious and complicated--everything from dating, molestation, drugs and more. The show's setup consists of a host, a panel of teen guests, a live studio audience of up to 100 teens and adult expert guest experienced in the content of the particular topic at hand.


Live at the Cheltenham Mall

X-pressions, Inc. has been afforded the opportunity to change lives of young people and improve their self-confidence through various methods including but not limited to fashion shows, public speaking engagements, talent showcases and other events.  Such events have empowered many of our youth and young adults to become proactive in their respective communities by volunteering, participating in after school mentoring programs and helping people in need by donating food and/or toys.  Additionally, X-pressions, Inc. has effectively been a driving force for youth and young adults to complete schooling and become successful entrepreneurs and/or career-oriented individuals. 

Live at The Cheltenham Mall was a creative way to draw Tweens, Teens and Parents, excitement for the whole family.  We provided a winning combinations, music, shopping and television.  Live at The Cheltenham Mall is an interactive format that will allow the live audience to participate with video pick, fashion show, Dance Contest, DJ Battle and Positive Rap Battle. 


Single On A Saturday Night

It’s Real, Interesting & Hilariously Shocking Dating & Relationship Talk Show for Singles & Couples of All Ages!

Single on Saturday Night (SOSN) is produced by X-pressions, Inc a non-profit mentoring program dedicated to using the power of Talk Therapy and Visual Media to serve diverse populations through our monthly group talk therapy sessions, sexual health training courses and quality programming intended to foster education, inspire healthy relationships. 

Single on Saturday Night has been a vehicle for young and mature adults to express and educate one another since 2012.  Since the inception we’ve seen a growing amount of marriages, relationships and improvement in the lives of program participants.  Our outreach efforts aim to bring hope, healing and healthy relationships.


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